World Radio Day celebration, 2020

World Radio Day celebration, 2020

Koch FM listeners and communities of interest alongside Koch FM community radio journalists graced the World Radio Day 2020 Celebrations in a special way by jointly engaging in a cleaning exercise. This year’s theme being radio and diversity, community members from different backgrounds mobilized themselves to ensure that streets and villages in Korogocho slums were cleaned. The event which was jointly organized by Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET), GIZ-CPS and Koch FM also gave an opportunity for listeners to socialize and interact with their favorite radio presenters and youth dancers at the Korogocho Community Hall and repainting of the studio premises. We got an opportunity to interact with some of the locals and below are what they had to say;

“I am pleased today since we have been able to clean our streets. Today being world radio day, we celebrate the role Koch FM has been playing especially on sensitizing the community on matters health and sanitation. When there is any outbreak of disease ,Koch FM promptly informs us.” Agnes Waceke

“Today we are very happy about what Koch has done. Initially we thought it’s only National Youth Service that would come with such initiatives” Mary Wanjiku

“Today am happy to have participated in cleaning my own environment. It’s an honor as a parent to see ourselves in engaging in efforts that can lead to reduction of disease outbreaks in Korogocho,am happy with Koch FM work and wish they continue with the same spirit” Samuel Muteru

“Koch FM has helped us as women and also girls here in Korogocho to know our rights. We have 9 villages here but today we decided to clean the ones that were extremely dirty.” Emma Njeri

“The experience was good. We have learnt how to keep our environment clean and yes we love it! We have participated and benefited. Koch FM is good and we are proud of it as our community radio.” Faima Falid

Last year, the same event was hosted by Ruben FM and the theme was Dialogue, Tolerance, and Peace. World Radio Day is held every 13th February. The objectives of the day is to raise awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio; to encourage decision-makers to establish and provide access to information through the radio as well as enhancing networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.