In-House Training and Mentoring Session

In-House Training and Mentoring Session

An in-house training with the whole staff in Amani FM in Garsen was conducted on 12th March -16th March 2018. The training focused on conflict sensitive reporting and different technics to deal with conflicts. Amani FM is the newest radio in our network of community radios, hence, the necessity of the training. The area where the radio is situated – Tana River – is mainly struggling with inter- ethnic conflicts between the Pokomo farmers and the Orma Pastoralists. Amani FM was established through collaboration with The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention Canada that runs Una Hakika initiative (an SMS based misinformation management platform), Health Communication Resources, a UK-based organization, and Amani Centre, the local CBO.

Micheal, the Civil Peace Service Advisor facilitating the training in Garsen with Amani FM staff

The aim of this training was to help the radio staff of Amani FM  to actively engage in peace building through conflict sensitive reporting and content production. In addition,  the training was important for an assessment of the station and its staff to identify their needs for further training. The training workshop had 5 modules:Understanding and analysing conflicts, non-violent-communication, journalistic basics and conflict sensitive reporting, how to tell a story – content production and how to check facts.This was to enable community radio journalists in Amani FM to start producing advanced radio formats like features, investigations and radio drama on conflict related issues in their communities.




The training had 17 participants.  A mixture of short presentations was applied(mostly with drawings on the flipcharts), exercises of the participants and discussions. Due to the difficult human rights situation in Tana River, the Human Rights Based (HRB)-approach was also explained and highlighted.


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