Project officer (Community Media Project)

Project officer (Community Media Project)

We are hiring!

Project officer in charge of Community Media Project

This is an exciting full-time position in a project dealing with community media mobilization for accountability in Kenya. The project aims to empower people to a better understanding of County policies and Civic rights and duties.  Based on data collections in the implementation areas (8 counties ), Community Radio stations should produce creative content to promote Civic participation and transparency in County governance. The project will be co-implemented by the second partner who will be in charge of research and  data collection.The perks include 11 months contract with the possibility of renewal.

First, get to know us

We are Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) –  a non-profit organization and the national umbrella association for community media in Kenya. Community media engaged by KCOMNET include community radio, community resource centers, community newsletters, community cinema, community artists (theatre, creative writers, musicians, painters, etc), community noticeboards, among others.  KCOMNET supports community media in Kenya to address pressing socio-economic and local governance issues in the grassroots communities.  Our activities are spread out in all 47 counties in Kenya.

What we are up to

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 creates a legal basis for public participation. Emphasis is placed on three pillars: Transparency, in the sense of disclosure of information that enables clear financial reporting and citizens’ access to timely and detailed information on budgets, government programmes and results; accountability, in the sense of accountability in financial matters, external monitoring of the implementation of constitutional provisions, handling of citizens’ complaints, etc.; participation, i.e. public participation in political objectives, the use of budget funds and the planning and prioritisation of public services.

We want to help the radio stations to competently report on the above issues to ensure that responsible citizens actively participate in the democratic process and demand transparency and a voice in not only planning, but also the implementation of development policy goals.

About the position

Job Title

Project Officer (Community Media Project)


Key Team mates

Activists, journalists and techies.



The Project Officer will begin work in June 2019 in Nairobi.

Position Summary

Administration and coordination of the project “Our Country – Our Responsibility! Community Media Mobilizing for Accountability in Kenya” following the project description mentioned above and the objectives of the general description accepted by Engagement Global.


You will report to the KCOMNET Coordinator.

Salary range

A  competitive salary within our means and budget

The ideal candidate should be;

  • Committed and  willing to work in a team of different project implementers
  •  Committed to our greater social justice mission
  •  Willing to strengthen community media.
  •  Ready to empower the communities to hold their leaders accountable.
  •  A good communicator ( Written, oral and Interpersonal skills)
  •  Knowledgeable about project planning, implementation, and reporting
  •  Knowledgeable about County planning and budgeting processes/calendar


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in mass communications, social sciences or any relevant academic qualification. A bias on development communication will be an added advantage.

  • 1-5 years of experience in multichannel content creation (publishing, journalism, etc.).

  • Experience with creating compelling messages for different target demographics.

  • Radio broadcast experience is a Plus.


  • Proven editorial skills or trained as a journalist.
  • Able to tell a story using words, images, or audio, and an understanding of how to create content that draws an audience.
  • A passion for new technology tools and usage of those tools within your own blogs and social media outreach.
  • Project management skills, documentation, monitoring, and reporting of progress.
  • Relevant experience of engaging/working with community radio and other forms of community media.
  • Ability to apply journalistic standards of fairness, accuracy, due diligence in reporting and fact-checking.


  • Invite input from community media journalists and other stakeholders to help identify topics and conceptualize pieces that inform, inspire, and move people to take action.
  • Monitoring the production and dissemination of content by community radios, including the selection of topics and quality review.
  • Documentation and progress reporting of activities.Blog on an ongoing basis to support and promote community media in KCOMNET’s Newsletter and Website.
  • Plan and implement the activities as outlined in the project document
  • And any other duties as may be assigned.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Let your ideas shape the future. Deadline: 14th June 2019

N/B: Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!

Interested candidates can send their CV and cover letter to or drop your application at our offices located at Shalom House off Ngong road,St Daniels Comboni road, wing C,1st floor