Kwale Ranet FM is a community based radio station based in Kwale town which broadcasts upto 50 km radius in Kwale County mainly in Kiswahili and other local languages including Mijikenda, Digo and Duruma. Kwale Ranet FM was set up by the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in 2011. It first went on air on 24 June 2011. The radio station is one of the four stations run by KMD, as part of the Ranet-Kenya project
Ranet radios exist in different countries in Africa and were adopted by the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to popularize the science of meteorology to the local communities. The radios were formed specifically as communication tools to popularize the science of meteorology in local languages to rural communities by breaking down the complexities of the science in a manner that can be understood by ordinary community members, including the elderly and illiterate members.

  • Frequency: 103.5 FM
  • Geographical reach: 50 KM Radius
  • Language/s of broadcast: Kiswahili, Mijikenda, Digo and Duruma
  • Broadcast duration: 14 hours, from 5a.m to midnight
  • Location: Kwale town, Kwale County
  • Estimated audience:  150,000 listeners
  • Contact Person:  Hamisi Mwachai, Administrator
  • Kwale Ranet FM is run and managed by KMD in collaboration with the local community and stake holders who include the local administration and local NGOs. Kwale Ranet is overseen by a Community Management Committee that assists in the day to day activities of the station. Like other Ranet Stations, the Administrator has been seconded by KMD and is responsible for the overall management of the station.
    The primary aim of the station is to provide weather information for local farmers who rely highly on meteorological reports to coordinate their activities. Broadcasts on weather, as well as education, business, agriculture, fishing and current affairs are helping to create an informed community capable of responding to various new developments.
    The mission of Kwale Ranet FM is to provide listeners with a reliable source of information on topics relevant to them. The radio station is able to access information, normally inaccessible to many residents due to technological and linguistic barriers, and diffuse it across Kwale County in local languages. This timely dissemination of information to listeners allows for the proper preparation or response of the community with regard to a diverse number of issues of priority concern in the community.