Want To Help Us? There are many ways to do it!


Make A Donation

You can make a donation directly to support the work and projects of the organization. You can do so by credit card or Pay Bill number provided.

Become A Volunteer

You can become a volunteer in our organization or in any of our projects from wherever you are. We have volunteers supporting the organization in various areas from different locations.

Support Community Media

You can channel your support through us or to any community media of your choice. This support can be financial or in kind, including equipment.

Adopt a Community Media

You can identify and adopt a community media of your choice. This way, you become a sponsor to support the engagements and development of the community media you have identified.

Make a Gift/ Reward

You can offer gifts/rewards that will be given to the audience of community media in various competitions.  You will be recognized and associated during promotions for the gift/reward.

Advertise/ Sponsor

You can advertise your brands in various community media. You can also sponsor programmes/ productions of your choice in various community media.

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