Ekialo Kiona Youth Radio

Ekialo Kiona Youth Radio

The Ekialo Kiona Suba Youth Radio, popularly known as EK-FM is for-youth, by-youth community radio station on Mfangano Island, Homabay county. EK FM was launched on December 1, 2012 on the 99.3 FM. It transmits from wind and solar-powered 500 watt FM transmitter. EK FM currently broadcasts 12 hours a day from the Ekialo Kiona (EK) Centre. In the Suba Language, Ekialo Kiona can be translated as “whole world” or the “whole community”. The Ekialo Kiona Center is owned and managed by the people of Mfangano Island. EK centre provides space where the local community can work together to find creative solutions to local and global problems. The EK center is comprised of a computer center, a library and a training centre, a solar-powered field-station and a mountain bike shop, among other facilities.

  • Frequency:  99.3 FM
  • Geographical reach:  25 Kilometres
  • Language/s of broadcast:  Suba
  • Broadcast duration:  12 hours
  • Location: Mfangano Island, Homabay County
  • Estimated audience:  150,000 listeners
  • Contact Person: Samuel Otieno Karan, Station Manager

Producing their programs in Suba language, EK FM affords a unique channel to foster community and youth discussion as a part of a holistic and sustainable approach to health and livelihood challenges and the marginalization of the Abasuba people through expression, solidarity, and revitalization of heritage and culture. With only 119,000 Suba speaking people remaining, the future of Abasuba community and language lies in the dissemination of valuable information in a timely manner that is critical to the survival of many people living in this rural community.

Each week the radio team creates program content covering issues on health, sustainable agriculture and fishing, Suba culture and language, and youth empowerment. Off- air, EK gathers Suba histories from across the region and records interviews and oral stories with elders. In an effort to revive the diminishing Suba culture and way of life, this material, along with original music by local Suba artists, is broadcast in the radio several times each week.

EK FM also connects over 50+ microclinics organized and registered on Mfangano with a mission to improve HIV literacy, attitudes and behaviors in the community. Besides broadcasting health information the radio station also works to preserve Suba culture and language, air information on agriculture and fishing and hosts youth empowerment programs.