Ruben FM

Ruben FM (99.9) is a community radio station located at Mukuru slum, Nairobi County. The radio was launched on 19 November 2016. The aim of the radio station is to help empower and unite the residents of Mukuru community through education, information and entertainment following its clarion slogan ‘Unganisha Jamii’- Bringing the community together. The radio station is a project of Ruben Centre, a faith based organization based in Mukuru Kwa Ruben slums managed by the Christian Brothers. The radio is among the stations based in Nairobi slums sharing the 99.9FM and broadcasting for 2-3 KM radius.

  • Frequency: 99.9 FM
  • Geographical reach: 5 KM Radius
  • Language/s of broadcast: Kiswahili
  • Broadcast duration: 24 hours
  • Location: Mukuru Kwa Ruben, Nairobi County
  • Estimated audience:  300,000 listeners
  • Contact Person:  Thomas Odhiambo, Station Manager

According to the survey report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in 2010, Mukuru Kwa Ruben slums have an estimated population of 527,526 people living in 193,539 households and occupying 52.5 km2 of land. The resident population comprises of people in the low ends of income. The slum community remains largely marginalized. It is associated with dirt, diseases, crime, poor sanitation and poverty. Whereas, the people living in the slum do so as a necessity – crowding and poverty has made it difficult for the establishment of social amenities. Access to education in Mukuru is low and most of those in the productive age bracket missed out on education in their formative years.
The vision of the radio station is to empower and unite the Mukuru Community. Its mission is to offer quality educative, informative and entertaining programs to Mukuru Community
Programs at Ruben FM tackle various pressing issues in the community. Efforts are made in the programs to create a lively interaction between the presenters/ reporters and the target community. Some of the issues tackled in the programs include: Local politics, Health, Nutrition, Human Rights, Education, Relationships and lifestyle, Gender Based Violence, Sports, Environment and Infrastructure, Youth empowerment, Women empowerment, Parenting, Insecurity, among other issues.
Staff and Volunteers at Ruben reside in Mukuru area, meaning that they understand well Mukuru community hence providing appropriate content to the community.