Mtaani Radio is based at Kabiria, Kivuli, centre in Riruta Satelitte. Mtaani is a Kiswahili word literally translated to street. The radio station is a joint project of Mtaani Community Based Organisation (CBO) and Koinonia Community. Mtaani CBO is a youth empowerment project in Dagoretti Sub – County.  Koinonia Community is a lay Christian Organisation. Koinonia Community provides stewardship to Mtaani Radio through its flagship programme known as Koinonia Media Centre. It is licensed under the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB). UNESCO’s IPDC supported the initial set-up of the radio station through the donation of a radio-in-a-box-equipment. The Radio station went on air in 2014.  The radio station operates for 24 hours 7 days a week.  It has an estimated audience of 240,000 listeners. The station covers most areas of Dagoretti sub-county.

  • Frequency:  99.9 FM
  • Geographical reach:  3KM Radius
  • Language/s of broadcast: Kiswahili and Sheng
  • Broadcast duration:  24 hours
  • Location:  Kivuli, centre, Riruta Satelitte, Nairobi County
  • Estimated audience:  240,000 listeners
  • Contact Person:  Kelvin Nyangweso, Station Manager

The Radio provides members of the local community with appropriate information to support one another to address practical issues of concern on the environment, water, sanitation, security, governance, healing/reconciliation, integration, gender inequalities, insecurity, infrastructure, health, sanitation, crime, poverty, among other pressing issues in the community.

The vision of the radio station is that of an empowered community that celebrates its diversity and actively participates in its development. Its mission is to provide a platform for the community to address their issues through information sharing, education and communication.

The station specifically seeks to offer the youth an opportunity to produce programmes of their own that will articulate their aspirations and inculcate positive behaviour change. This is in acknowledgement of the central role and importance of the youth for the stability and future development of the community and of the country at large. The radio has in effect placed tools of communication into the hands of the youth who mostly develop, produce and manage most of the programs aired by the radio. The radio programs aired include those on education and training, documentaries, public views on prevailing matters of interest to listeners and the strengthening of unity and harmony amongst members of the community and of the country at large.