About this book

Community Radios Broadcasting for Peace pays tribute to a big family: The community of Kenyan Community Radios. Imagine Kenya: A big country, 47 Counties, 23 Community Radio Stations, over 200 community journalists in 19 Counties and an audience base of over 6 Million listeners!

Amplifying community voices

From Kwale on the shores of the Indian Ocean to Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria, from the Tanzanian border to the northern counties, KCOMNET’s team traversed across the country to meet the community radio journalists.

We did more than 15.000 kilometers on the road, some smooth, some hard, but most of them hard. Now we are telling the story: The story of our collective efforts for the development of community radio in Kenya, of their portraits, of why and how they are set-up, of their achievements, hopes and dreams.

The contributors, all distinguished communications practitioners and scholars, present a range of perspectives on the ever-burgeoning area of grassroots journalism for the people, by the people.

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