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Our latest publication

Community Radios Broadcasting for Peace pays tribute to a big family: The community of Kenyan Community Radios.

Amplifying Community Voices

Since formation, KCOMNET has focused its attention in the consolidation and strengthening of community media sector in Kenya through four programmatic interventions:


KCOMNET brings together community media groups and other stakeholders committed to development communication in Kenya.

Policy Advocacy

We enhance advocacy to improve policy and regulatory framework to expand the practice of community media in Kenya.

Capacity Building

KCOMNET executes rigorous capacity building programmes for community media groups to make them strong, vibrant and sustainable.

Content Development

We improve the generation of local content and programming in community media outlets to sustain their unique identity.

Who are we?

KCOMNET was founded by a voluntary group of individuals, media practitioners, NGOs, and community media groups with an interest in development communications and promotion of community media in Kenya.

Over the years, KCOMNET has focussed its engagements on the development of community media in Kenya. The Network provides a platform for networking between community media, with other media stakeholders, and the general public.  It also mobilizes resources for the development of community media in Kenya.

Why community media?

Community media are widely recognized as the most basic, most connecting and most essential forms of community communication for the development of grassroots communities.

The focus of community media  on issues of utmost priority and concern to communities valiantly distinguish them from the mainstream commercial media. Owing to the fact that community media are established and sustained by non- profit entities means a media that is free and independent from commercial and state control other than the communities served.  Community media is then the kind of media that is located in the deepest endeavors of human kind to be free from want of any kind.

Meet our team

The network is governed by a Steering Council and its secretariat based in Nairobi. Njuki Githethwa (pictured) is the Coordinator.

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