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Our latest publication

Community Radios Broadcasting for Peace pays tribute to a big family: The community of Kenyan Community Radios.

Amplifying Community Voices

Since formation, KCOMNET has focused its attention in the consolidation and strengthening of community media sector in Kenya through four programmatic interventions:


KCOMNET brings together community media groups and other stakeholders committed to development communication in Kenya.

Policy Advocacy

We enhance advocacy to improve policy and regulatory framework to expand the practice of community media in Kenya.

Capacity Building

KCOMNET executes rigorous capacity building programmes for community media groups to make them strong, vibrant and sustainable.

Content Development

We improve the generation of local content and programming in community media outlets to sustain their unique identity.

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FRI Radio Craft / Project Officer

From 2017 until 2020 Farm Radio International (FRI) is implementing the Reducing Post-Harvest Loss (RePHL) through Social and Behaviour Change Communication project. The ultimate objective of RePHL is to reduce post-harvest loss in specific value chains by fifty percent though collaboration of implementing and media partners using a social and behaviour change communication approach.  Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) is hosting Farm Radio International in Kenya to help guide the planning and implementation of training and communications program development. 

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